ZipChip Is A Pocket-Size Frisbee New
Item No.: SM001 I want the same!
  • Material silicone
  • Size 62 х 62 х 10 mm
  • Package size 128 х 62 х 10 mm
  • Weight 28 g


Bored at the office, need a little recreation?
Play a game of catch across the office floor.

Want to give your dog a little exercise at the park? Make him chase after the darn thing. Want to get into a pissing contest with other dudes at a party? Put some money on the line and bet on who can throw it at the furthest distance.

Unlike Frisbees, the ZipChip is made from a soft and flexible elastomer material, so you (or your dog) can catch it without worrying about breaking a finger (or chipping a tooth). Despite the small size, it’s a capable flyer, too, able to skim the air at distances of up to 200 feet (probably more if you’re strong and have the technique down). Instead of using a backhand throw, though, it’s meant to be launched using a forehand throw, with the domed side up. The best part is, it’s designed for stable flight, allowing you to control the path and distance once you get a good feel for how to maximize the spin and tweak the toy’s throwing angles.

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